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An exclusive platform for fans to support creators and the communities they foster
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Monetize Your Community - Your Way!
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Exclusive & Authentic Communities
Community membership is exclusive and all members are authenticated off platform. Here is where you build true community. No trolls, no AI, no bots!
Financial Support for Every Step Monetize your creative process by fostering authentic online connections with fans. Raise money when you need it! No longer wait for the perfect campaign, or finding more subscribers, or producing new work. Create value with your fan community, today!
Exclusive monetization of content
Fans donate directly to creators and link their donations to content posts or specific projects. It's as simple as the "like" button and as powerful as crowdfunding!
Raise money right away Let fans know about your next idea. Start raising money from the start rather than at the end.
Track fandom, community engagement, and content monetization, all in one place Platform tracking and metrics give you unique insights into fan support and what kind of content inspires them to donate.
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Seed Fund the Next Big Project
Uniquely connect with fans pre and post fundraising.
No more uncertainty about meeting the campaign goal Fans can donate to projects long before a crowdfunding campaign is launched and well after a campaign is closed.
Accelerate your project fundraising Fans can pledge their support for your project campaign, donate early for unique perks and exclusive content, and help you build awareness and momentum for a crowdfunding campaign.
Seamless Onboarding of Fans Our technology seamlessly transfers fans and followers from social media platforms to your FanSeed community. Our platform puts you back in the drivers seat for content monetization.
Escape the grind of content hustling
Creators raise money from the value of their community rather than exclusively on the back of content. With no fan subscriptions, there's no pressure to publish new content every month.
Offer community membership as a campaign perk Offer crowdfunding backers exclusive membership to your FanSeed community. FanSeed makes it easy to deliver promised and new perks throughout a project's journey. 
Intuitive fan donation workflows Our donation process with on-platform credits makes donating simple and easy.
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Creator Owned - Community Inspired
Our creators own their communities. Platform features are customizable based on community-specific needs. Our community success team works hand-in-hand with every creator to ensure communities are active and loved by fans and creators alike.
Flexible Content Hosting Creators can host content on FanSeed or link externally hosted content.
Fan Voting and Community Owned Funds Polling on the platform creates a sense of belonging and is a powerful way for creators to better understand their fans. Fans can also donate to community owned funds whereby use of the funds are voted on by community members.
Frequently Asked Questions
How are Fans authenticated? To join a creator community a fan must financially support the creator off-platform. This includes purchasing content, buying a ticket, or backing the creator's crowdfunding campaign.
How do I make money as a Creator? Creators cash out donated seeds on a monthly basis. Fans are more likely to give seeds when creators provide exclusive content and engage with their FanSeed community.
How does FanSeed make money? Our mission is community building but we do have bills. A small subscription fee for creators and voluntary donation fees help us maintain the platform.
What are Seeds? Seeds are on-platform credits that are equal in value to USD. Fans purchase seeds to give to creators. Seeds help us keep transaction costs low and hold funds in escrow as needed (e.g. project pledges)
Why are fans given membership tokens? We give fans unique tokens as proof of membership to the community. These tokens can be used to validate membership off platform, redeem exclusive perks, or even serve as an event ticket. 
Why did the invisible person turn down their dream? They couldn't see themselves doing it... But you are seen! You are worth it! Go after your dream and bring your community along with you!
image Founded in Seattle, our team is on a mission to empower dreams. We are building new community experiences online and giving everyone the tools to own their creative passion.
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